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HR Skills for Managers Workbook

HR Skills for Managers Workbook

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HR Skills for Managers Training Workbook

Your team, your responsibility!

When our trainer says this in the HR skills for managers training course there’s usually a little resistance (to say the least) from the managers and leadership teams sitting the course.

Why do you think this is?

Fear of dealing with staff issues or a bad habit of relying on the HR team to do everything.

Probably a bit of both

In our experience HR teams are over stretched and managers don’t have the knowledge to deal with some of the simple day-to-day issues that can be resolved without any dramas. Or they don’t understand why processes like a back to work interview is so important

Once the managers have the knowledge so many things can be resolved effectively and informally without just being ‘brushed under the carpet’.

On a previous session one of the managers completing the training said, “I didn’t realise how much managers can and should be doing within their own teams” – what a result!

The author, who has worked as a HR lead is the businesses that he has managed and has represented himself (and won) during an industrial tribunal, covers the following topics in this 50-page workbook:

  • The introduction (The why)
  • My HR Philosophy
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a HR Practitioner
  • Employment Tribunals
  • The Equality Act 2021
  • The ACAS Code of Practice
  • Discrimination Definitions
  • Parental Leave
  • Dependency Leave
  • Flexible Working
  • Performance Management
  • Difficult conversations
  • The 7 things

One of the key messages apart from ‘Your team, your responsibility’ is ‘Improve, Not Remove’. There is a system with the pages that managers can use to help the team member improve in their role. If you have a system in place that’s great, if you haven’t you can use the one in the HR skills for managers workbook  

The HR skills for managers training course is also for sale. It's been tried and tested, it's ready to go and you can find more information here

What one of our clients thought:

"A very thought-provoking session given by Adrian. A large amount of takeaways and some interesting anecdotes to help back up the theory. Would have liked to explore the managing vs coaching theme in a deeper way probably because I am a Man Utd fan. Some good interactive elements. Most important thing is that we use these takeaways regularly". Tom - The Creative Engagement Group - (Singapore) 


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