Leadership Skills Training Course

Leadership Skills Training Course

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This Leadership Skills Training Course is for Sale

This action focused leadership skills training course challenges the way your team of learners thinks and improves the effectiveness of the team and workplace it is delivered to.

The training develops a skill set that encourages your learners to make the decision to become a leader and lead their team with compassion, empathy, drive and enthusiasm and to not feel trapped by the old ways of leadership that no longer work – it’s that powerful!

The leadership skills training course can be delivered to all levels of the team and in our experience improves the team’s morale, your customer satisfaction, your company reputation, and your competitive advantage

We can deliver (virtually) a leadership skills training course familiarisation session with your trainers, so they get a better understanding of the tutor notes and the activities if you need one  - there's an extra charge for this.

This Leadership Skills Training Course is for Sale

When you buy this pre-written, ready to go, tried and tested leadership skills training course, you receive:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • Power point slides
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts that accompany the course
  • A quality leadership skills training course that has been delivered by our training consultants to companies and organisations in all industry fields

PLUS! when you buy this leadership skills training course, we’ll send you a copy of our emotional intelligence E-Book (which contains the test paper) for FREE, as a thank you.

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Your purchase will be forwarded to you electronically once we have been notified by Shopify, we know you'll love it! It's pre-written and ready to go, the trainer notes are so well written and easy to follow. 

What one of our clients said:

"There has been so much I’ve gained from this session it is hard to list. The main thing I have taken from the training is greater confidence and motivation to be a great manager".

"Adrian, you should bring your skills to the council as a “trouble shooter” Please come back again". Sarah – (Planning Team Manager) – Greater Cambridge Planning Department (See more feedback here)


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Buy this Leadership Skills Training Course which is for Sale