Managing DISC training workbook and training activity for use during in person or virtual training courses and team building activities

The Managing DISC Psychometric Training E-Workbook (Includes the test paper)

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The Managing DISC Psychometric Training E-Workbook (Includes the test paper)

Have you and/or your team done a DISC psychometric test recently?

If not, then this managing DISC workbook (which includes the DISC test paper) is a great addition to your leadership, management and supervisory training material or team building arsenal.

It's ideal for training consultants, HR managers and team leaders to help with DISC training sessions and team building activities

The biggest benefit of this Managing DISC Psychometric Training E-Workbook is that it will help highlight your teams’ consistent characteristics and their preferred communication styles. We’ve also included the colours to help if you are familiar with those too

The Managing DISC Psychometric Training E-Workbook Contents:

  • A DISC personality test paper - you can use multiple times
  • What is DISC
  • The benefits of using DISC
  • How DISC works
  • The history of DISC
  • Consistent characteristics
  • DISC and email etiquette
  • Being effective with DISC training
  • Comparing profiles
  • The next step and emotional intelligence

What one of our Clients Said:

"The training provider led a workshop on how to manage and deal with conflict and what excellent customer service looks like in a school setting.

The sessions were very well received, and the interactive nature meant colleagues were able to explore themes in a good deal of detail given the time constraints. The team also catered for a wide variety of roles in the groups they had". " Steve – Outwood Academy - (Chesterfield)


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