Team Building Training Course

Team Building Training Course

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This Team Building Skills Training Course is for Sale

In this team building skills training course your team will learn how teams work, the stages of team development, the roles people play, group norms and why teams sometimes fail

The training course goes on to teach the learners how to put a team together, maintain trust and support, develop the team and motivate the individuals which is a great inclusive and ah-ha generating activity

There’s no doubt that a team that is working well can accomplish great things and belonging to such a team is a satisfying experience. Your learners, in this one day team building skills training course we have for sale, will discover success is largely determined by the way people behave and how well their needs are met.

Your learners will look at the needs of teams in this session, but before they do they have to decide what is meant by a team. We all have our favourite team, and perhaps our favourite groups. Yet how many of us could define the words ‘team’ and ‘group’?

This team building skills training course will challenge the way you learners think and act when it comes to creating and building their next team.

Benefits of the Team Building Skills Training Course:

  • It will empower, motivate, and inspire your team
  • Its very action focused
  • The practical activities work very well
  • It’s been tried and tested on our clients in our 12 month leadership program
  • It will improve your team’s effectiveness

This is a great one day team building skills training course that can also be broken down into smaller bitesize sessions, like all the courses for sale on this page.

In our experience, because this is a tried and tested team building skills training course, it improves the team’s morale, your customer satisfaction, your company reputation, and your competitive advantage

The aim of this team building skills training course is to work out the position and effectiveness of a team leader and to build and motivate the teams they have responsibility for and come into contact with

By the end of this team building skills training course, your learners will be able to:

  • Explain How Teams Work
  • List the reasons Why Teams fail
  • Develop as a Team
  • Improve Team Effectiveness
  • Get Their Team on the Same Page

The Team Building Skills Training Course

When you buy this pre-written, ready to go, tried and tested team building skills training course, you receive:

  • Course breakdown and suggested timings
  • Comprehensive trainer notes
  • Power point slides
  • Learner notes with the slides on
  • All the handouts and activities that accompany the course
  • Two great practical activities

Your purchase will be forwarded to you electronically once we have been notified by Shopify, we know you'll love it! It's pre-written and ready to go, the trainer notes are so well written and easy to follow. 

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What one of our clients said:

"I'm taking away the confidence to be able to delegate once I am in a managerial role. The ability to speak up and be confident in my skills and knowledge as well as tips for an effective team. I've also learnt about managing workload; work life balance and to leave the ego at the door"!

"Please come to our US office! This course will benefit my team in more ways than I could imagine"! Jessica - The Creative Engagement Group - (Philadelphia, USA) (See more feedback here)


 Buy this team building skills training course which is for sale
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