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The Maze absence management skills training game for use during in person and virtual absence management training courses

The Maze - Absence Management Training Activity

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The Maze Absence Management Training Activity E-Book

Do you have an issue with absences?

Could this be down to the managers approach to managing absences?

If you are looking for an Absence Management Training Activity with a difference, then this is it.

The Maze Absence Management Training Activity is designed for HR trainers to use during their training sessions or managers and team leaders to use during team meetings. It tests the team’s knowledge, attitudes towards absences and Emotional Intelligence.

This is an Absence Management Training tool which has the intention of promoting change and creating a new mind set in the way managers and supervisory staff view issues relating to Conduct and Capability.

You instruct your learners that ‘The Maze’ begins with a statement of a problem they are having with one of your team, Bobby Richards. Your learners in the session assume the role of Bobby's manager/supervisor. They need to work as a team and agree (sometimes, often, difficult) on the next step the team should take.

The path down which the learners proceed can and will differ from that of others. There is no “one path” to follow – just as there is no one path to follow in real life situations, because every person and every situation you will face as a manager is different from the next. But the path they move down will depend on their attitudes and actions at each point and - they do have a choice.

There are several outcomes within this 40-page Absence Management Training tool and all the outcomes make great topics for discussion, group learning and individual reflection. It's got a bit of everything, it's fun, a great story that's relevant in all working environments and your team will love it. 

What Ken Blanchard Said About the Author:

“Go for it, Adrian! Building a great business culture builds human satisfaction and great performance... I love your vision, value, and voice framework... We need you to take a leadership role, Adrian! Preferably here in the US! Ken Blanchard- Bestselling Author | Speaker | Leadership Expert | Thought Leader

Ken Blanchard has been a hero of mine for all of my adult life and messaged me the above via LinkedIn (Adrian Close)


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