12 time management training games for use during in person or virtual training courses and team building activities

12 Time Management Training Games and Activities

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12 Time Management Training Games and Activities

Do you need some fun, inclusive and very effective time management training games and team building activities that can be used in person or virtually?

Look no further the 12 time management activities in our e-book are excellent and we have used them all (not all in the same session of course)!?

The time management training games e-book is 16 pages long and costs just £24.99 (so £2.08 per activity) and you receive it electronically so you can download it and use them as many times as you like.

The E-Book starts off with some excellent time management tips and time management strategies which you can include in a time management skills training course or a team meeting.  

For example, there are just 3 ways we spend out time -

1. Thoughts

2. Actions

3. Conversations

Once team members realise this they can then re-focus their time to be more productive and their mind-set to be more positive.

12 Time Management Training Games and Activities

You'll find a great selection for your time management training sessions (both in person and virtually). One of the activities lasts for just over a minute and the longest is up to 45 minutes - you and your learners will love them. 

If you need a ready to go, pre-written and tested time management training course ours is for sale (which will save you time 😉)

Here a link to the Time Management Training Course the course is suitable for every member of the team from a team member who has just started, experienced team members, supervisors, managers and leadership teams.

One manager who sat the time management training course and the delegations skills course saved herself 2 hour per day. Another clients (team leader), just on the time management training course saved herself 18 hours per week - time management should be a way of like, not just a buzzword 

What one our Customer Said about Us:

"What a great day in Leadership Training yesterday with our management team. Thank you to Adrian Close for an inspiring training session. Some great takeaways I'd like to share:

  • Don't manage your time, manage your energy
  • What you permit, you promote
  • Don't expect them to change for you, change for them

By understanding the different personality types and behaviours in your team, can help you work together better to achieve that one centric goal". Lydia - (Marketing Manager) - Nimbus Hosting - Hertford


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12 Time Management Training Games and Activities For Sale


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