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Group rescue training game and team building activity for use during in person or virtual training courses and team building activities

Group Rescue Team Building Activity

Ultimate Leadership Training
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The Group Rescue Team Building Activity

If you’re looking for a team building activity that is different from the desert survival team building activity, then this is it.

This group rescue team building activity and training tool (which can be used in person or virtually) is ideal for equality, diversity and inclusivity training, communication skills, decision making skills and customer service skills – it challenges the way your team think!

The Group Rescue Team Building Activity E-Book includes:

  • Tutor Notes
  • The problem
  • The Characters involved in the rescue
  • The individual and team ranking form
  • How effective was the team activity? (Exclusive to us).
  • Debrief questions

A note from our leadership and management training Consultant:

"I remember using this once with a group of managers (five male managers and one female manager) during a week long leadership program. They did the activity on a table but stood up. The male managers (without them knowing) formed a wall so the female manager couldn’t get involved. I saw the female manager move down the ‘wall’ to try and get involved, but they wouldn't let her".

"It made for a great debrief and discussion around unconscious bias – I wish I’d filmed it"!

Some Client’s Feedback:

"The management course was very professional, interesting and all those that attended said it was by far the best they had attended. We will be looking to book in the future". Claire – WCB Utilities - (Chatham)

"We had promoted staff internally to Team Leaders that had not had any formal training. The content of the course has provided them with a structure and new skills that will enable them to achieve the team goals as well as their own - would highly recommend". Denise – Scientific Management - (Andover)


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