Hill Valley University Team Building Activity

Hill Valley University Team Building Activity

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Hill Valley University Team Building Activity

The hill valley team building activity is a great activity for small groups who need to improve their communication and teamwork skills

Your team will be able to practice effective problem solving and group decision making skills during this fun and inclusive team building activity.

They will also be able to appreciate and value each person’s unique contribution to the team's progress and develop their team skills through this interactive group activity and discussion.

A little Introduction

Hill Valley University is a new university in Milltown. It was built as a polytechnic in the late 1960s and so has a number of tower blocks.

It is 9.00am during the holidays and the fire alarm has gone off in H block which has fifteen floors. You are a member of the senior management team, and you are informed that the fire is serious, although it’s not thought that many people are in the building.


The Chief Fire Officer asks you to put the list of names in order so they can take off the staff in order of priority. You meet with the Director of Personnel and the Director to discuss what the priorities are. 

The pack comes with all you need to run the activity including a set of debrief questions, your team will love it!

What One of Our Clients Thought:

"I really enjoyed the course, I felt it was delivered in a very informative way where the team were engaged. I felt the training has improved the teams confidence in dealing with difficult situations, where I can support". Claire (HR Manager) - Seko Logistics - (Milton Keynes)


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