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Leadership Skills Training Course for School Prefects

Leadership Skills Training Course for School Prefects

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Leadership Skills Training Course for School Prefects

If you are looking for Leadership training course for your aspiring school prefects we believe you won't find a better one than this. It's been designed and delivered (in schools) by our leadership training specialist who also works with schools supporting them with the Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes and other outdoor activities.

The contents of the Leadership Skills Training Course for School Prefects pack you receive is as follow:

  • Extensive tutor notes
  • Power point slides for the visual learners
  • Notes for the learners
  • The relevant handouts
  • The interactive activities used during the session
  • The leadership training for prefects workbook
  • Access to our leadership specialist if you have any questions

We usually deliver the course on a teacher training day when the rest of the school is off or on a day during the holidays. We've made it a very fun and interactive session so the students, once taking part, don't mind as much. The session usually starts at 09:30 and finishes at 15:30. We've found it better to run it on one day than lose momentum by splitting up the course over several days or afternoon sessions after school.

The course kicks off with a great creative think activity which we analyse and discuss afterwards. The session then moves onto what being a prefect is all about and what their peers and the teachers need from them. We cover communication and attitude and then move onto some likely scenarios that they will come up against.

These scenarios came from the discussions we had with the prefects we interviewed when we wrote the Leadership Skills Training Course for School Prefects in the first place. The day finishes with another team building activity that brings everything they have learnt together which they love.

when you purchase this course you receive everything via WeTransfer. If your school system doesn't allow this then we can forward the files to your personal email instead


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