Voodoo rays murder mystery training game and team building activity for in person and virtual training courses and team building activities

Murder at Voodoo Ray's Team Building Activity

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Murder at Voodoo Rays Team Building Activity

Do you need a team building activity with a difference?

This one is great fun and can be used during in person, full day, and virtual bitesize training sessions.

The Murder at Voodoo Rays Team Building Activity E-Book Contains:

  • Notes for the tutor
  • The Clues
  • The Solution
  • Activity Debrief

THERE'S BEEN A MURDER!! - By working together (and excellent facilitation from you) your team are tasked with solving the crime.

By using effective verbal communication skills (only), collaborative decision making skills, their emotional intelligence and by working together your team have to find the following in the allotted time (20 - 30 minutes):

  • The murderer
  • The time the murder took place
  • Where the murder took Place
  • The Weapon that was used
  • The Motive

Times ticking, will they be able to answer the above in the time allotted or will they lose the plot? - literally.

The pack costs £19.99 and comes with full instructions, all the clues and ideas for the debrief.

What one of our clients say:

"I really enjoyed the course, I felt it was delivered in a very informative way where the team were engaged. I felt the training has improved the teams confidence in dealing with difficult situations, where I can support". Claire (HR Manager) - Seko Logistics - (Milton Keynes)


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