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Recruitment and selection training workbook and team building activity for in person and virtual training courses and team building activities

The Recruitment and Selection Skills Workbook and Activities E-Book

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Recruitment and Selection Skills Workbook and Activities E-Book

The biggest benefit of this workbook is the documentation it comes with. You may have your own application screening form and interview form but it’s a good idea to compare – that’s what our clients say anyway.

The recruitment and selection skills workbook and activities e-book also comes with a load of competency-based questions that you can then add to the interview form and change them for the various roles you interview for

This is a fantastic 24 page recruitment and selection E-Book which will help your managers and leadership teams, at all levels, during the interview process and promotes equality, diversity, inclusivity and consistency throughout. 

Recruitment and Selection Skills Workbook and Activities E-Book Contents:

 How it costs, on average, £30k to replace a member of the team

  • Various question techniques
  • A whole load of competency based questions (literally hundreds)
  • An application screening form
  • The interview form
  • A model for effective interviewing

It’s ideal for training consultants, HR managers and team leaders for use during recruitment and selection training sessions both in person and virtual

A message from the Author:

Did you know there are three possible outcomes to an interview?

  • The first possible outcome is that you find a well-qualified candidate with excellent experience - but these are hard to find and can be expensive
  • The second possible outcome is that you can find someone who you can develop into the above - but obviously they do leave after a while
  • The third possible outcome is that you pray - and we've heard it a lot, managers saying "I pray they fit in..." or "I hope they are good..."

This Recruitment and Selection Skills Workbook and Activities E-Book prevents the third option - it's all about finding the best candidates in line with your companies core values and the competencies that are need to do a great job.

What one of our clients said:

"The written feedback and my subsequent conversations with the attendees is that the course was extremely beneficial and helpful to them.

The course material and handouts are excellent. The course was delivered in a friendly but to the point way and which was appreciated by all. Inroads into delegation and managing staff have already borne fruit. Thanks Adrian". Patricia – Gleneagles Project Services - (St. Neots)


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