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Big book of training games and team building activity for in person and virtual training courses and team building activities

The Big Book of Training and Team Building Activities

Ultimate Leadership Training
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The Big Book of Training Games and Activities that can be used in person or virtually during training sessions, team meetings and team building activities.

Are you looking for fun, effective and thought provoking training games for in person and virtual team building? The type that challenge the way people think?

If yes, then we think our Big Book of Training Games might be exactly what you are looking for.

The big book of training games and virtual team building activities e-book, which costs £67, is 104 pages long and contains 73 games and activities for trainers to use in their training sessions or managers and leadership teams to use during staff meetings and team building sessions (both virtually and in person - or both at the same time)!?

Once you pay for the e-book we will send it to you electronically for you to download and keep. We’ve used them all during the various training sessions and leadership programs we have delivered and as mentioned just about all of them can be used virtually via Zoom for example.

As a thank you for purchasing our Big Book of Training Games and Activities we'll send you a copy of our conflict management role play activity absolutely FREE

Examples of the activities include:

  • Several team building activities including the improved desert survival activity
  • An activity/presentation (about 90 minutes to present) that explains the 4 predictable stages a team member goes through and why managers need to change their style of management to suit the individual they are managing
  • Loads of activities that can be used in customer service type courses and team building meetings
  • Two activities that explain that common sense is often sense that becomes uncommon
  • One of our favourites is on page 77 which is a total mind bender. It also embeds maths into your training which is very cool
  • Brain teasers, conundrums and energisers that will add both humour and learning

What one our Customer Said about Us:

"There has been so much I’ve gained from this session it is hard to list. The main thing I have taken from the training is greater confidence and motivation to be a great manager".

"Adrian, you should bring your skills to the council as a “trouble shooter” Please come back again". Sarah – (Planning Team Manager) – Greater Cambridge Planning Department



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