Decision making training tool and team building activity for in person and virtual training courses and team building activities

The Decision making Training game and Team Building Activity

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The Decision making Training game and Team Building Activity

Making a decision is one of the most powerful acts for inspiring confidence in people yet many managers and leaders are squeamish about it. Some decide not to decide, while others simply make excuses or procrastinate.

Either way, it’s typically a cop-out, and doesn’t exactly encourage inspiration within the team. When people make better decisions, they are viewed as a better leader and team member and get better overall results.

If you're after a fun, inclusive and powerful decision making training activity that you can use during a decision making training course or for a team building session then we don't think you will find a better one than the one we sell here.

It can be used for large teams as well as smaller ones. We've used it for a training course with just six learners (two groups of three) and a team building event with 45 team members who we split into nine teams of 5.

The activity is competitive but in a fun way because any team can excel, no-one needs previous experience. The really cool thing about this activity is that the facilitator can observe decision making styles, for real, during the activity.


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