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The Emotional Intelligence Training Game

The Emotional Intelligence Training Game

Ultimate Leadership Training
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This emotional intelligence training activity proves, without a shadow of doubt, that a manager's, team leader's, supervisor's and team member's emotional intelligence has a direct correlation on the actions of the team (both positive and negative).

The ah-ha moments and individual breakthroughs when we have used this training activity have been amazing.

We use it regularly in our Leadership Skills Training Course and our Leadership Skills for School Prefects training course.

This training game and team building activity is excellent for use during in person training courses and we have also used it during our virtual bitesize sessions.

You receive:

  • Directions for using the activity 
  • Photographic example of one of our completed activities
  • Explanation of the 5 Pillars Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • If it Was Me Activity 

The emotional intelligence training activity (which is also a team building activity) takes around 90 minutes (can be done in an hour). The team are split into groups of 3 - 6 depending on your group size and we have run it with 6 teams of 5, so anything goes really.

There is a little prep work to be done by the tutor before the activity (takes about 10 minutes) then the team members do the rest and their work is their handout. They get really involved with this activity and the feedback has been excellent, especially with the final activity.

There is no point delivering an emotional intelligence training course or using this emotional intelligence training activity if there is no further action taken - the final activity takes care of that.

The final activity helps to keep the learner accountable for developing their emotional intelligence after the course has finished. The learner can also use the final activity as proof of their development at a future one to one or appraisal with their manager. 

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