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The Inca Challenge Team Building Activity
The Inca Challenge Team Building Activity

The Inca Challenge Team Building Activity

Ultimate Leadership Training
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The Inca Challenge: Promoting unity and Problem Solving

Enhance Your Corporate Training with a Unique Team Building Activity

Welcome to The Inca Challenge, an engaging and fun team building activity designed to enhance leadership development, corporate training, and employee engagement. Ideal for training consultants, company trainers, and HR managers, this challenge is perfect for promoting inclusivity, problem-solving, and unity within your team. Plus, it seamlessly embeds maths into any training session, making it a versatile tool for various educational needs.

What is The Inca Challenge?

The Inca Challenge takes your team on a journey to the ancient city of Sacsayhuaman in Peru. Here, your team is tasked with determining the completion day of a sacred column called a Ladrillo, built in honour of the sun god Inti. With only 25 minutes to solve the puzzle, your team must work together, sharing information and collaborating without a formal leader. This scenario is crafted to simulate real-world corporate challenges, where teamwork and effective communication are crucial.

Benefits of The Inca Challenge

  1. Team Building Activities: Strengthen team bonds and improve collaboration through interactive and engaging challenges.
  2. Leadership Development: Foster leadership skills as team members step up to guide and support each other without a designated leader.
  3. Corporate Training: Enhance your training programs with a fun and dynamic activity that promotes active learning and participation.
  4. Problem-Solving Games: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as your team works together to complete the challenge.
  5. Teamwork Exercises: Improve communication, trust, and cooperation among team members with practical, hands-on exercises.
  6. Inclusivity and Unity: Encourage an inclusive environment where every team member's contribution is valued and essential for success.
  7. Mathematical Integration: Embed maths into your training session, adding an educational layer to the fun and engagement.

Why Choose The Inca Challenge?

The Inca Challenge is not just another team building game. It's a comprehensive tool designed to:

  • Promote Corporate Team Building: Engage your team in a collaborative challenge that fosters unity and teamwork.
  • Enhance Leadership Skills: Allow team members to develop and demonstrate leadership qualities in a supportive environment.
  • Boost Employee Engagement: Make training sessions more enjoyable and effective, increasing overall employee engagement.
  • Facilitate Problem-Solving: Provide practical problem-solving experiences that translate to real-world skills.
  • Encourage Effective Teamwork: Strengthen team dynamics and improve group performance through structured, goal-oriented activities.

How It Works

  1. Form Teams: Divide participants into small groups of 4 or 5 members.
  2. Distribute Materials: Provide each group with the challenge instructions, a pen, and a piece of paper.
  3. Introduce the Challenge: After reviewing the instructions, give each team an equal share of the Inca Challenge cards, ensuring they are shuffled.
  4. Team Task: Allow teams to work on the task, sharing information verbally without showing their cards.
  5. Debriefing: After completing the challenge, use the provided debrief questions to facilitate a discussion focused on teamwork, leadership, and the dynamics of cooperation and conflict in team problem-solving.

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Transform your training sessions with The Inca Challenge. Perfect for team bonding, leadership exercises, and enhancing corporate training programs, this activity is a must-have for any organization looking to improve teamwork and problem-solving skills. Order now and bring a new level of engagement and effectiveness to your training sessions.

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