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The leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook

The leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook

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The leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook that can be used in person or virtually during training sessions, team meetings and team building activities. The contents are relevant, straight forward and have been used whilst delivering the Leadership Skills for Prefects training course that we deliver in schools.

Are you looking for a fun, effective and thought provoking training workbook for in person and virtual team building?

If yes, then we think our Leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook might be exactly what you are looking for.

This 20 page Leadership Skills for School Prefects training tool costs £29.99 and you can print it off as much as you like or it can be used as a self-study guide

The Leadership Skills for School Prefects Workbook Contents:

  • It’s all about you  
  • The importance of being a prefect
  • What do others need from you?     
  • How effective is your communication?     
  • The power of listening   
  • Betari’s Box   
  • What would you do? (Various scenarios)  
  • Now it’s up to you   
  • Tutor Notes

What One of Our Clients Said About Our Leadership Trainer

“Adrian provided an excellent course which enhanced the attitude and skills of our staff. We highly recommend this course for all education organisations, student unions and schools seeking to improve their service levels” - Leeds Trinity University


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