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Negotiation skills training tool and team building activity for in person and virtual training courses and team building activities

The Negotiation Skills Training Activity

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The Negotiation Skills Training Activity

Do you have an issue with interdepartmental communication?

This negotiation training activity is designed to eradicate that exact issue. It helps to improve communication and promote logical, evidenced based and rational thinking – it’s that good.

This training game and team building activity is excellent for use during in person training courses or virtual bitesize sessions.


  • Tutor Notes
  • Learner Notes
  • The Scenario
  • Individual Confidential Information
  • Observation Sheet
  • Activity Debrief
  • 7 Steps to Negotiation

The negotiation skills training activity takes from 30 minutes to up to an hour depending on how deep you go with the debrief. We've used this as a 90-minute virtual training activity, the last 30/45 minutes given to the learners to come up with a communication charter that they will all stick to when they return to work, it's really effective. 

Depending on the size of your group the learners can be split up into 2's or 3's (the third being an observer and we have included the observation sheet for them to use). If you use observers, they aren't exposed to any of the information that the other two are briefed on so they can remain neutral and get to observe how the other two communicate (or don't)!  

The main goal of the negotiation skills training activity is to teach the learners the different stages of negotiation which we have provided at the end of the e-book. The structured approach ensures that there is an agreement and that a plan is set for future action – or what’s the point.


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