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The ultimate time management planner and time management skills training course training activity

The ultimate time management planner and time management skills training course activity

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The ultimate time management planner and time management skills training course activity

The Ultimate Time Management Planner is all about Planning, prioritising and organising every day. It's written for people who like to write lists! You'll still write a list; it'll just be a lot more structured, organised, and motivational. 

…and if you don’t write lists; don’t worry – this time management skills training tool will teach you how to get loads of stuff done every week by writing short to the point lists that promote action and accountability

You can use this tool as part of a full day time management skills training course or a shorter virtual or in person bitesize training and team building session.

“We’ve used as a training tool and a self-development workbook, and it is excellent”

 The Ultimate Time Management Planner contains:

  • An annual goal setting section that will help you succeed
  • A holiday planner to help you stay motivated
  • A big monthly goal to move you towards the vision
  • Your month at a glance
  • Three motivational time management book recommendations 
  • Your monthly action list
  • Your daily to do list

Once purchased you receive a three-month planner, this is so you can concentrate your energy quarterly. Once this is completed, simply print another three months off and you're ready to go. 

The Ultimate Time Management Planner will keep you accountable for the goals you set yourself and is a great reference to use during your monthly one to ones and your annual appraisal. 

What one of our client’s said:

"This was the first time we had used the training provider and the training delivered was first class.

Adrian's delivery of management skills really engaged with our staff and their feedback was that they engaged the training and are able to apply it to their jobs". David - Hendersons - (Leyburn)


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